SAP Business One Consulting via Remote Support

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This method should be considered when your SAP B1 application is already implemented and you are comfortable to go ahead with the next phases, where you plan to introduce custom business logic, integration and reporting. Remote support might be not the best way to do the job if you are facing initial system implementation. Here we recommend you travelling or local consultant. Remote support is good option on secondary market or in other words for existing customers. On the other hand local consulting force might be limited in their interest and in the sense of technical expertise to undertake SDK programming project. Let's review possible phase two and three projects which could be outsourced to nationwide support organization:

1. Customizations and SDK programming. Software Development Kit includes objects description and code samples in popular programming languages such as C#, VB and C++. We recommend you to do coding in Microsoft Visual Studio. However it doesn't mean that you cannot integrate something sitting in Linux box with Business One. What it might be is ecommerce shopping cart coming from the PHP programmed custom ecommerce portal hosted in MySQL. In this case you can program custom integration in MS Visual Studio C# and turn it into SOAP XML web service or stick to old good days http post

2. Ongoing integrations. There is typically no question about filling CSV templates and import data in Data Transfer Workbench. Every local consultant should be familiar with these also called Excel templates and how to do data migration in initial implementation. Advanced ODBC connection has its pluses when you would like to open ODBC compliant database via SQL View. It works pretty much the same way as CSV templates however you can do data selection tuning in the View SQL code and in this case there is no need to regenerate or manually rekey CSV template in Excel

3. Crystal reports design. The best report is probably the one where rows selection logic is outside of its scope and sits in SQL View or even better SQL Stored Procedure. You can test selection results and be sure that your future report is reliable even prior to opening CR Designer. If you expect that report will be having the same layout in the future then by separating pulling logic in SQL you do not need to open report in Designer to make business logic modifications. All that could be done directly in SQL Stored Procedure or View

4. How remote support works? There are numerous remote access technologies, such as Web Session, VPN, Remote Desktop Connection, Citrix to name a few. Let's come through the web session example. You call or email your consultant, she or he issues web session in Gotomeeting (or similar web session management software) and emails you invitation to the session. You open your email, click on the link and go all the way through in Internet Explorer. When you are in the session you show your screen and share keyboard and mouse control with remote technician. There is complete feeling that consultant is physically next to you in your cubicle

5. Supporting global organization. Remote technical support is good option if you have presence in several world regions and might be implemented in Hub-and-Spokes Corporate ERP model where you have high-end ERP in the headquarters and SB1 in the international offices worldwide. In version 8.8X SB1 is now available to be deployed on the same SQL Server for all the countries and we recommend you to host this server in your headquarters and open it to international users via Citrix
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SAP Business One Consulting via Remote Support

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This article was published on 2011/08/21